Manifesting - The Divine Paradigm

Journey begins August 4, 2019 

I’m so excited to be going back to Creating the Book Club Community!

💫Way back in early 2015 I brought my love of books, personal development and manifesting together in a group named “Magical Moments Book Club”.

💫Lately I’ve been feeling guided to bring my love of books and manifesting back together again to create a community of like minds to journey together for 8 weeks!!

💫Manifesting and our beliefs around manifesting was ignited way back when the SECRET was introduced as a manifesting tool. ⬇️

💫We have evolved since then and so has the paradigm of conscious co-creation. Together we embody and embrace the way of GRACE.

We will be reading together and following Tosha Silvers “It’s Not Your Money” as the launch 🚀 to this Journey.

How it will work:

You purchase “It’s not you money” by Tosha Silver (book or audible whatever works best for you). Takes 2 days on amazon and it’s at your doorstep.

💫We begin: August 4th

💫We meet: Every Sunday Evening 6pm for a live Zoom session on each chapter.

💫We discuss chapter principles; share personal experiences, actively experience Meditations as a group and more...

💫There will be a private fb group to post and share. This group is where I will show up to hold us accountable to the reading and staying aligned as we journey through the 8 weeks. I will invite you to be an active member in the fb group.

💫When 2 or more gather miracles happen. It’s time to release the old paradigms and surrender into the Abundance of the Universe... and what’s meant to be.


Purchase: It’s Not My Money by Tosha Silver

Start: Aug 4th

Time: 6pm I’ve blocked out 1 hour for Zoom sessions for 8 weeks.

Exchange of Energy: 44$

💫💫💫💫Magic, Miracles, Grace & Ease... together we let go to allow what’s meant. 💫💫💫💫

Once you register I will add you to the private group and all posts with further information will be posted there. 😃🌈😇

© 2017 by Carolyn Michelman.



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