Being in a group with supportive, likeminded women has given me the confidence and strength to finally heal past wounds and move forward in my path. I know my purpose and have the courage to continue onward and leaving the past just where it is. ♥️ KM

I have grown leaps and bounds with this development group. I look forward to our meetings every month. I really would not be who I am today without this group .. Thank you, Carolyn for your help with this journey. - KR

The results I got for participating in this group completely changed my life. Meeting people that are like minded, looking forward to the next group class, letting go to be yourself without judgement, building a bond with soul sisters, support system, being able to be vulnerable in a safe space, empowerment and tools from beautiful Carolyn, and finally KNOWING WHO YOU REALLY ARE!! - VL



“I AM” 4 Part Mastery Series… For those ready to Spread their wings...

This series is for those who are serious and fully committed to reconnecting to the truth of who they are and to gain clarity on where they are going on there Soul’s Path. This course is designed to reclaim your power, unleash your passions and gain the confidence to live a Fearless and Fabulous life!!!

Through the use of various energy modalities, intuitive development exercises, self awareness tools, meditation, hypnosis and EFT you will explore what keeps you stuck, reveal your gifts and accelerate your path of self discovery and transformation.

This series also will provide the support of other like minded women on their path of self discovery and empowerment. Although each may have a different goal we all struggle with common issues. This will be your tribe… ♥

Sessions will be held once per month and are designed this way to have time to integrate and process the wisdom, gifts, awakenings and AHA moments of the session…


  • Chakra Testing and alignment

  • There will be a 2 week check in from me and I will be giving a mid-point self awareness exercise to keep momentum going through to the next session…

  • Private Facebook group where you can interact and support each other on this amazing journey

"My experience being in this group has been transformative. Carolyn is able to facilitate a group that creates a safe and supportive space for all the members to grow spiritually and emotionally. The support I feel from my sister group members is unlike anything I have experienced before in friendships with women. Thank you Carolyn for this amazing experience." - MH

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