Carolyn Michelman, CH

Soul Intuitive - Empowerment Coach - Consulting Hypnotist

From the time I took my first breath, my mission was to re-claim my power in this life.  From that point on, and everything in between, was all a part of the journey of my becoming.

I have journeyed through the process of transformation many times – experiencing the death of who I knew myself to be to rebirth into the next version of who I was becoming. The rising phoenix would be my life journey’s symbol, and the warrior my archetype.

My life’s journey included struggles with my self-esteem, sense of worthiness, bulimia, a physically abusive 10-year relationship, two divorces, and two miscarriages, just to name a few of the challenges I’ve navigated along the way. 

My turning point itself was pivotal, but the actual turning was a slow process. I remember that day like it was yesterday; I took a good look at myself in the mirror. Hatred was the only emotion I felt in that moment.  I loathed myself for allowing myself to continue living in the circumstances I had created.  It was that moment I decided I had enough. I decided I deserved and wanted more for myself no more playing small! I would do whatever it took to rise out of the ashes. 

That’s how my journey of becoming began. This time I let my Soul lead the way.  What a journey I was in for…I had much to learn about myself over the next decade!  I had no idea what magic, synchronicities and miracles awaited me.

I’ve always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I couldn’t gain enough information – which I now refer to as “wisdom” – to help discover and uncover the Truth of Who I AM.  My love and curiosity for learning and personal growth led me to many healers, practitioners, workshops, and countless books.  From the long drive I took across state lines to work with a shaman, to psychic readers just around the corner, I was on a mission to discover my Truth.


I obtained numerous certifications in a variety of energy healing modalities, all of which were tools that aided in my own personal growth & healing at the time. These modalities include but are not limited to: Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy and many others.   EFT-Tapping, Soul Entrainment, Hypnosis, are the integrative modalities I utilize in my coaching practice today as they yield amazing results overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back.

I discovered along my journey my unique gift and passion for identifying and clearing the root cause of the limiting beliefs we have conditioned ourselves to believe as our truth and to lead others to their own personal freedom.


It is my passion and my mission to share what I have learned along my life’s path to help as many women as possible to own their power, unleash their passion, and live with purpose and presence.  

It is time to give yourself permission to shine!

Passion, Power, Purpose

© 2017 by Carolyn Michelman.



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